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ProMash Mash Temp Bug

Those of you using ProMash brewing software, version 1.8.a and below, may have noticed an annoying bug that caused temperatures entered in the Mash Schedule dialog to randomly have their third digit dropped. It turns out the solution is very simple to keep this from happening.

Reproducing the problem

Start a new recipe , enter at least one malt, click Mash Schedule button, select only the zero in a temperature entry box, enter a 3 digit temp, click ok, then click Mash Schedule, you will see the third digit is lost.


The solution is tied to what you select. If you select the zero plus one or two of the two blanks to the left before entering your 3 digit temp, you will retain your 3rd digit. You also retain the 3rd digit if you use the arrows. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover the third digit once lost. Prevention is the only cure. Select carefully and double check your mash schedule after closing the dialog.

Jeff Donovan, author of ProMash, says this will be fixed with the next release after 1.8.a now that I've shown him how to reproduce the bug..


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